Billionaire’s Love Potion

This hottie thinks her billionaire crush deserves mind-altering powers, and aches to give them to him.


She broke up with him. Now, she wants to belong to him.

Beautiful bimbofied Delilah loves her new life as her Owner’s top pet. She orders the other babes in his office around—which mostly results in him being pleasured by multiple beauties at once, all of them sporting sexy overflowing cups. But when the uniquely gorgeous Helena arrives on the scene, Delilah fears for her top spot—and goes above and beyond to keep her Alpha Male’s attention. She needs his heirs pumped into her fertile frame.
To prove her erotic devotion, she decides to “recruit” his ex-girlfriend, whether she wants to be recruited or not, to be another member of her Man’s sexual office harem. She knows all minds are made to be broken, and all women are just objects waiting to be owned by her Man…
This explicitly erotic story features intense scenes of ownership, bimbofication, erotic pairings, and group rutting.

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