Billionaire’s New Plaything

She knows he’s controlling her, but she can’t help but obey…


Power and Sexuality. These are the only two words that can describe Mason Clarke, hunky billionaire. He’s the subject of the latest story from Hannah Wilson, sexy, fiery young journalist. Clarke’s office is staffed entirely by gorgeous women, all totally dedicated to him. The problem? None of them seem to have wills of their own; he’s evaporated their personal lives and dominates their every decision. Women who can’t deal with the pressure are discarded like trash, and Clarke doesn’t care. Somehow, he’s controlling them—and his strange power has corrupted him completely.

Even though Hannah doesn’t want to end up just another worshipful follower of his, she soon desires him constantly. Her submission seems only a matter of time, unless she does something drastic. The only person who knows what she’s going through is Clarke’s gorgeous new assistant, Lily, but she’s even deeper in lust than Hannah. But Hannah doesn’t have a choice, and has to trust Lily even as both fertile young beauties are drawn deeper into Clarke’s web of dark desires?

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