Bimbo Fits 2!

In a strange future, sexy costumes have transformed the world, and a small crew of scientists try to resist temptation…


“Join me…and lead an army of women obsessed with pleasing you.”

Four scientists, residing in the secure Carter Complex, are the sole survivors of a world-wide outbreak of the B-Virus. This strange affliction turns everyone it touches into big-breasted, empty-headed, sex-obsessed servile beauties! Both men and women are affected equally, transforming rapidly into giggling bimbos with overflowing cups and the fertile ability to make plenty of new heirs. The crew at Carter Complex are becoming desperate. They are just two men and two women trying to hold back a seemingly endless sea of blissed-out babes. They have already lost several members of their team to the B-Virus, and they don’t know how long they can resist the arousing, erotic call of the crowd of beautiful bodies just outside their doors. Downstairs, in the lab, the crew hold some of the transformed beauties for study. But one of these captured beauties is too gorgeous to resist for long, and she’s much more devious than the other brainless bimbos…yes, she wants to find the perfect stud to help her lead a new sexified race of nymphomaniacs, and she thinks one of the scientists is the hunk she’s been waiting for! Is he the luckiest man alive, or is he just going to be one victim of the ultra-erotic B-Virus? Either way, it’s going to be a lot of fun to find out!

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