Bimbo Fits! – The Bundle

Sexy costumes transform regular people into their wildest sexual dreams!


“Like…on my knees? For you? Totally!”

Bimbo costumes are just like, the bestest thing ever! They can make totally serious men and women turn into like, super sexy giggly nymphos who only care about like, awesome sex n’ stuff! Each story in this bundle features the hottest bimbo costumes around, making stuffy women into sex bombs, and manly men into super hunk alphas! Only sometimes, the men turn into mega-hot ladies too! Super cool, right? There’s a sexy haunted house story, a super cool apocalypse story, and a silly spooky “cabin in the woods” story included here. Each one is like, chock full of crazy hot harem sex, heir-making bimbos with huge overflowing cups, super-endowed alpha studs, and lots n’ lots of ultra-great gender swapping and transformation! Yay! Goooooo bimbos!

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