Bimbo Packages – Female Designs

The clothes transform them into bimbos!


“We should stop becoming sex-obsessed hotties. Like…maybe?”

Overwhelmed, overweight, outmatched Samantha is ready to explode, driven to distraction by the infidelities of her husband, Michael. But when Mira arrives at her doorstep—her young, sensually beautiful neighbor—needing help with some strange packages, Samantha feels compelled to help. Inside the packages are pieces of beautiful clothing, begging to be worn. The two women, investigating, try on piece after piece, transforming into erotic goddesses as they do. Their hair lengthens, bodies tighten, busts enlarge, and their cups start to overflow! Drowning in lust, they crave to worship at the altar of masculinity, and to fill their fertile bodies with unprotected seed. But each package of clothing has a role for its wearer, and when Michael returns home, he finds that his wife and neighbor have a harem surprise in store…
WARNING: This hot, transformative tale features a haggard wife, her hottie neighbor, and her husband’s paramour becoming the bimbofied harem of their Alpha Male owner, desperate to please him as erotic servants!

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