Bimbo Packages – Taboo Snacks

Sexy snacks turn a break-up into two sexy girls aching for one stud’s cock!


“Get on my knees for you? Now? Oh…right…Yes, Sir…”

Prim, proper Stephanie has made up her mind—she’s got to break things off with her bohemian girlfriend, Gianna. Stephanie is serious and dedicated to her education and career, and Gianna is just too carefree to become emotionally invested in. It doesn’t help that Gianna is roommates with Kyle, who Stephanie grew up with in the same house! But when she visits their apartment, Stephanie immediately notices big changes. Kyle has transformed from a skinny-fat layabout into an alpha-bodied, huge-membered stud. Gianna is a giggly, hypersexual bimbo. The two of them are clearly rutting nonstop, and strangest of all, Stephanie doesn’t seem to mind. It must have something to do with the lusciously tasty “Passion Pack” bars she finds all over the place, but they’re so yummy and why is it so hard to think…?

WARNING: This hot, transformative tale features a prudish beauty becoming the bimbofied property of her new Man of the House, serving under him with her girlfriend as erotic servants!

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