Cult of Lust – Corrupted Therapist

They corrupt her into someone even worse than his already evil queen!


“I thought I was a good person. But I just want to serve your evil will instead…”

Beautiful therapist Cynthia Archer has devoted her life to helping others, neglecting all parts of her personal life—including love. When she’s visited by the wickedly cruel couple of Eamon and Aubrey—able to manipulate reality and control memories instantly—all that changes. Eamon and Aubrey are both fantastically attractive…and fantastically bored. They want to turn a completely moral, upright citizen into a drooling, hot, fertile, erotically-kneeling mess desperate to obey Eamon’s every last order and worship his virile, hard, member. Cynthia’s body will change dramatically—but so will her memories, filling up with the darkest thoughts of a brand new psychopathic personality who is utterly obsessed with Eamon. But how will the viciously possessive Aubrey react when their new creation wants to make herself Eamon’s new number one girl?

WARNING: This story features some dark stuff and an overwhelmingly evil male character who faces no real comeuppance, even though he’s destroying lives, literally sucking the life force out of innocent bystanders, wrecking homes, and subjugating women to his supernatural will.

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