Cult of Lust – Hot Teacher

Accepting his love means embracing his sadistic side and becoming an evil bitch.


“You’re right. I never loved him. He’s nothing to me. I want…no, I need you to replace him, Sir.”

Kayla, lost in a loveless, childless marriage, feels utterly trapped by her disappointing husband and takes solace only in her job as a teacher. So when Eamon—a handsome new student at the university with a rotating cast of gorgeous girlfriends—begins to show her special attention, she soaks it up. What starts as a simple flirtation soon winds up infesting her mind with dark, depraved thoughts of worshiping the male form and re-imagining her body as a trophy that exists entirely for his pleasure. She would be fertile, busty, smiling—and full of his heirs. She can’t stop craving this homewrecking fantasy. But, when Eamon reveals to her this isn’t a dream, but her destiny, Kayla will discover if she can somehow gather the composure to fight his terrifying will.

WARNING: This story features some dark stuff and an overwhelmingly evil male character who faces no real comeuppance, even though he’s destroying lives, literally sucking the life force out of innocent bystanders, wrecking homes, and subjugating women to his supernatural will.

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