Demon’s Deal – Corrupting her Angel

A hot young model becomes the newest paramour of a powerful incubus and helps him enslave her own guardian angel!


“Fame and beauty and youth forever? Just for my soul, and serving a hunk like You? What a deal!”

More than anything else, Mona wants to be a superstar. She keeps her virgin body tight, hard, and in perfect shape so that when the cameras start snapping photos, she’s permanently ready. It seems like her big break just isn’t going to happen, but when she attends a mysterious audition, everything starts to change. Some of the world’s most famous beautiful women are there–all of them busty, fertile, and gorgeous–and they’re given an offer to give up their souls for immortal beauty, wealth, and privilege. All they have to do is worship a demon and become his evil, sadistic succubus pets–and help him corrupt an actual guardian angel from Heaven.

Mona knows this is insane–knows that she wants to be a good person. But with fame and fortune tempting her fertile, luscious body so intimately, will she be able to resist?

WARNING: This story features an incredibly evil protagonist—an actual demon from hell—who makes a woman his own demon wife whether she wants it or not. They steal, they manipulate, they murder, and it’s all to heat up their hyper-sexualized transformed bodies for insane, room-destroying fertile ruts!

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