Demon’s Deal – The Bundle

He’s tired of damning souls to hell; this incubus wants to corrupt an evil billionaire heiress! The two of them only make each other worse, and his power grows and grows…


“I’ll give you my soul. Just please give me a taste of You…”

I’m an immortal sex demon tasked with seducing and corrupting good girls into damnation, and I’m damned good at my job. I’m too strong, too handsome, too well-equipped (if you know what I mean), and turn them on too much for a girl to ever resist. I break their wills and make them mine, forever.
But lately, I’ve gotten tired of good girls. I’ve been wondering what would happen if I spent a little of my free time to mess with the mind of a truly bad babe? And I’ve found a completely corrupt billionaire MILF who fits the bill. The only problem? Well, she’s married and mortal. But I can take care of both of those.

If it works out, I’ve got all kinds of plans. Harems of models at my beck and call. Corrupting girls side-by-side with the most evil vixen imaginable, as hungry for souls as I am…sounds like Heaven to me.
WARNING: This story features an incredibly evil protagonist—an actual demon from hell—who makes a woman his own demon wife whether she wants it or not. They steal, they manipulate, they murder, and it’s all to heat up their hyper-sexualized transformed bodies for insane, room-destroying fertile ruts!

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