Gang Lust Bundle

Too many men is never enough!


Good girls serve the needs of every man.
We all have hot little thoughts that we think we shouldn’t. Tendrils of delight that wrap around our core and don’t let go. What does that co-worker look like naked? How fertile is that neighbor? What if that cute clerk at the grocery store became a nymphomaniac? Some fantasies are too delicious, too erotic to ever truly go away. In these hot tales, beautifully fertile babes who “suffer” from overactive imaginations suddenly encounter the very real manifestations of their lifelong fantasies. They are dominated totally by supreme alpha males—groups of them at a time—becoming complete toys for the pleasure of hunky, unstoppable men. Their lusty good girl minds are just unable to keep up with such virile, masculine, breeding power. So they must kneel. They must obey. And they must serve these gangs of men in every erotic and sexual way they can—even if it’s several men all at the same time. In the “The Librarian,” a buxom young beauty is caught in a blizzard with a gang of brutal criminals. In “The Stewardess,” a delicious biker girl is trapped on a plane with a group of unstoppable thugs. And in “The Cheerleader,” the hottest young thing around becomes the property of an entire team of alpha male athletes. Gang Heat isn’t just insatiable…it’s unstoppable.

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