Gang Lust – The Librarian

Held hostage by the hardest, most dangerous, hardcore men around!


All of these hard, alpha males…all at once.
Lovely librarian Lilah has dirty, secret fantasies that she wouldn’t ever dare to make come alive. The naughtiest, filthiest thoughts excite her endlessly—dropping to her knees before a gang of strong men, being passed around like their personal pleasure toy, learning from these brutal alphas that her status as a beautiful woman makes her eligible only to be violated endlessly to provide them with climax after climax deep inside her gorgeous body. But these are all just fantasies, right? Even if they make her panties soaking wet. That’s what Lilah thinks, until she’s snowed in at her library with a gang of chiseled, hulking, bank robbing criminals. They’re mean, they’re crude, and they would never use protection on her fertile young body. She tries to hide, but these rough, virile males know when a hot woman is nearby. They are born to dominate. She can’t keep away forever…and soon, it will be time to find out if all her forbidden fantasies live up to the mind-blowing reality of being used for pleasure by an entire gang of violent studs all at once.

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