Harem Faerie Tales – Captured Princess

What if the heroic prince rescuing the stolen princess actually was seduced by the crazy hot sorceress who stole her?


Faerie tales more erotic than you’ve ever experienced.

Princess Marjorie is the hottest royal woman alive. She’s busty, she’s fit, she’s beautiful, and she’s never even had her first time. When Prince Vincent—dashing, strong, and silent—she knows she has to marry him. But the wicked sorceress who kidnapped her has other plans, and wants to seduce Vincent into being her evil champion. Not only is the sorceress even more gorgeous than Marjorie, but she’s used her magic to gather a harem ready-made for Vincent to entice him, even pulling in taboo relations of his to tempt him further! With so many fertile, eager, sensational beauties beckoning for his rock-hard member, can Marjorie convince her prince to stay loyal?

WARNING: This hot story features harems, sex with multiple partners, male worship, and absolutely wicked, hot sorceresses winning the day.

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