Harem Faerie Tales – Succ-U Bus

What if the heroes who conquered the succubus were just part of a longer, demonic plan for the succubus to impress her huge-membered demonic lover?


Bad girl succubi aren’t supposed to win. But it’s so hot when they do…

Do-gooder adventurers Eury and Arthur, just having captured the demon queen Bellona, are lost in the mountains. With a massive blizzard incoming, they won’t last the night—but the seductive, ultra-hot Bellona has a solution. She knows of a magical transport that will give them safe passage wherever they need to go. Of course, it’s full of incredibly gorgeous, soul-sucking hive-minded succubus beauties…but they can handle that, right?

Of course not. Arthur’s mind is swamped in lust from Bellona’s beauty and then the nonstop seduction of the succubi. Eury is blindsided with an instant, massive crush on a demon she meets on the transport. And somehow, Bellona is pulling the strings, even though she’s supposed to be incapacitated…

WARNING: This hot tale features an incredibly sexy demon queen manipulating mortals to better please her evil lord and to make him as many wicked servants as possible!

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