Her Change In Style

The clothes transform a serious teacher into a mega-bimbo babe.


First, it was just a pair of slippers. They made the attractive, stressed-out teacher, Gloria, feel warm and sensationally happy. It was a nice break from her daily grind.

But then, more packages arrived, and Gloria kept wearing the clothes: high heels, stockings, miniskirts, and more. Her hair grew thicker and longer and blonder. Her breasts got bigger. Her legs became hotter. Everything about her was sexier and sexier. She was turning on everyone with a pulse, male and female, and taking full advantage. Gloria couldn’t stop putting on the clothing–it felt too good to stop. Her career-focused mind became more and more warped, focused on serving men, spreading lust, and encouraging all the hot young babes she came across to wear her wonderful new clothes so they could become hot bimbo servants just like her! Gloria’s going to have to be smart and crafty to escape the clutches of her hot bimbofying clothes, but when it feels so good to be a giggly good sex doll, being smart and crafty is difficult indeed.

This erotic tale is EXTRA LONG—a full novella featuring your favorite control and transformation kinks in the way that only Nadia Nightside can deliver!

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