Housewife Harlot

A regular mom transforms into a sexpot when she does laundry for her bimbo daughter.


“I’m changing…and it feels so good!”

Layla, overweight housewife, has been feeling bored with her life lately, and has lost touch with her daughter Hilary, who is away at college. When Hilary sends laundry home for Layla to wash, the discontented mother jumps on the opportunity to do something nice for her daughter. But Layla soon realizes that Hilary’s new clothes are no ordinary clothes—they feel impossibly good, all the time, and Layla can’t stop herself from wearing them!

Soon, her breasts are growing even larger, her hair is becoming longer and silkier, her body is becoming more beautiful by the second, and she’s sucking and screwing every man in sight. Best of all, she’s having the time of her life! Her husband doesn’t exactly feel the same way, though, and Layla’s going to have to use all her new charms to convince him that it’s totally fine that she’s having sex with all their neighbors.

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