His Girlfriend’s Girlfriend

The only way this lesbian knows how to keep her hot girlfriend is to seduce her boyfriend into fucking them both!


“Fill her up, baby. Fill her like you filled me!”
Gorgeous but destitute, Ariel’s one chance to escape the cycle of poverty she’s caught in is to use her luscious, sexy body…but how? An opportunity arises when Rebecca, her best friend for years, arranges a mountain cabin retreat to catch up. Rebecca is busty, hot, and plenty rich. Rebecca’s boyfriend, Holden, is a virile football jock, with a rock-solid ripped physique that makes even the lesbian Ariel drool. Rebecca and Holden would be perfect for each other…except that Rebecca is too much of a “good girl” to ever have sex before marriage, much to the chagrin of the alpha stud Holden. So, Ariel makes a plan. She’s going to make these two beautiful, rich youths so insane with lust that they’ll do anything Ariel suggests. She’ll seduce the innocent Rebecca, and drain Holden’s manhood dry. In her efforts, she finds out Holden loves to use women rough and hard. Rebecca is seriously turned on by how fertile Holden makes her feel, and even Ariel is surprised by how much she loves the thought of producing Holden’s heirs. But Ariel’s feminine wiles are matched against a huge obstacle in the conservative values of this sexy couple…

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