His Wife & Her Friend

She’s going to have a baby, and is too in love with him to risk him straying. So of course, she seduces her friend into sleeping with him to keep him loyal!


“I know I’m not enough for you…so I want you to be with her too, Sir…”

After accidentally reading her husband’s email, the pregnant and beautiful Anne discovers her marriage is in jeopardy. Her man, Peter, feels locked in by their incumbent family life, and is scared that his fun, gorgeous wife will soon lose all adventurous desire in the bedroom. So, Anne makes a plan to give her man everything he wants. Peter wants Anne to do as he says; that’s no problem, as Anne already loves giving in to his will. Her husband wants to be served; that’s just wonderful, as Anne is happy to suck him dry whenever he wants. Her husband wants a threesome; Anne knows just the girl…her hot bisexual best friend, Tatiana, who has a serious craving to be dominated by a strong hunk like Peter. But Peter refuses to use protection and won’t pull out. Intensifying the erotic situation, the fertile Tatiana doesn’t want a fling—she wants to be Peter’s sexual servant…permanently! The desires of these two hot women and their hunk keep accelerating, and none of them want to play by the rules…

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