Hypno Headset – Headmistress

The haughty head mistress of the school gets brought down a peg by erotic hypnosis.


“I thought I was in charge…but I’m too stupid and pretty for that. Sir told me so, and he’s always right…”
The gorgeous and vivacious Vivian Lexington is in charge of the most prestigious dancing school in the world, but lately—she doesn’t feel in charge at all. The school’s hyper-gorgeous, hyper-talented female students are supposed to exist at her beck and call, becoming the embodiments of the art of dance. Instead, they seem to have had their personalities erased and their minds warped, now worshiping at the uber-masculine altar of the new teacher, Mr. Astor. Specifically, they seem to be giving up their first-time fertile bodies to be used by him in every possible erotic way. They even brag about being filled by his virile white-hot seed to give him heirs! Vivian knows his dastardly control all has something to do with those headphones they’re all wearing, but she can’t figure out what. Maybe if she took a listen…

Warning: This story is evil! It features a couple of truly evil characters exploring true romance via a sick web of power and control. They have no morals, they don’t mind showing their partner how little they care about anyone who isn’t them, and while there’s certainly a climax (or two, or three…) there is no comeuppance for their wicked desires.

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