Hypno Headset – New Student

An even sexier student arrives for him to mind control, and he makes her even more evil than his previous favorite…


“He let me see how good it was to be bad…and now we’ll make you just as bad as me.”

New student Alisha is completely gorgeous and also completely inexperienced in the erotic arts. She doesn’t think this is a problem, but everyone at her new dance academy seems to disagree. All the girls are gorgeous, and that’s okay, but they’re all dressing so provocatively—like they’re showing off for one particular man’s tastes. Then they keep talking about that one man, how much they’re hopelessly in love with him and how they would do ANYTHING for him. They even want his heirs in their young, first-time, fertile bodies! They wear headphones, and their minds are molded to his will. Chanel, Mr. Astor’s favorite, takes a special interest in molding Alisha herself. But for some reason, Alisha’s not affected the same way when she wears the headphones they seem addicted to. Is she the one who will be able to resist Mr. Astor’s control?
Probably not!

Warning: This story is evil! It features a couple of truly evil characters exploring true romance via a sick web of power and control. They have no morals, they don’t mind showing their partner how little they care about anyone who isn’t them, and while there’s certainly a climax (or two, or three…) there is no comeuppance for their wicked desires.

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