Lust Party Bundle

The Lust Parties transform regular people into sex fiends, and they feel so good…


“Everyone who goes to that party willingly becomes a sex fiend!”

Morgan Malls, ardent feminist reporter, detects something strange and sinful at the lavish parties thrown by enigmatic millionaire Cal Braddock. But when she investigates, she finds herself loving the erotically-charged festivities—to the point where she becomes part of them herself! A secret elixir at these Lust Parties makes her ten years younger and a thousand times hotter than she ever was in her life—with bigger breasts, longer hair, and a completely sexier body and face. At these insane orgies, virile studs make heirs with fertile beauties desperate to be filled with white hot seed. And soon, Morgan discovers that she loves being one of those very fertile beauties, and she adores getting on her knees to serve men.
It’s not all just for fun, though. Braddock wants to turn the women at his parties into sexually servile lovedolls…forever. Unless Morgan can resist the allure of a newly sexified body and a mind obsessed with pleasuring men nonstop—even groups of men at a time—then she’ll forever be transformed into a kneeling bimbo beauty. But it feels so good, she has to wonder how much it really bothers her…

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