Lust Party

The Lust Parties transform regular people into sex fiends, and they feel so good…


“I can become a sex goddess…by choice?”

Morgan Malls is a sexy young reporter who’s fed up with the softball stories her editor throws her. So, when she gets a chance to investigate the hedonistic sex parties orchestrated by enigmatic millionaire Cal Braddock, of course she jumps right on it.
But something very odd is happening at these erotic get-togethers. Via a secret serum, old people become young again, sexual desires become magnified by exponential degrees, and no one can keep their clothes on or their hands to themselves. Women become fertile, eager servants aching to please massive male members, and the men themselves become hyper-virile studs ready to fill every last creaming entrance they see.
Morgan is right in the center of this den of erotic sin, and to make it out with her mind and body intact, she’ll have to summon all the willpower she can muster. Because these parties aren’t just seductive and scintillating…they’re the Lust Parties, and everyone always has a good time.

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