Maid Bare 5 – Maid for Sale!

A sexy maid is bought from the source, and immediately starts to seduce her new owner and humiliate his old girlfriend.


“Aren’t I much prettier than your wife, Sir?”

Castle Maids are known for their impeccable and erotic service record. They cook, they clean, and they are happy for all of it—and they also eagerly perform every filthy, dirty sexual act they’re ordered to do, no matter how taboo! With smiles on their gorgeous faces, they beg for heirs, promise to make other women just as eager and sexy as they are, and soak every sensuous act in the creamy product of their overflowing cups. The lovely Hayley Haus, snobby rich heiress, is certain a Castle Maid will spice up her love life with her shy boyfriend, Simon. But when they purchase the gorgeous maid Fiona, everything starts to change. Bossy and beautiful, Hayley is used to getting her way—but Fiona only wants to obey Simon. Soon, the snooty, formerly-intelligent Hayley finds her intelligence slipping away, and that all the thoughts she is able to have are sexual and submissive. Meanwhile, her body starts sporting bigger breasts and platinum blond hair! Simon, suddenly studly, only encourages Hayley’s descent into becoming a sex-hungry, servile maid. Everything turns upside down: the unstoppably sexy Fiona wants to serve hunky Simon all by herself, and longs to to sell the transformed Hayley off to some other man!

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