Maid Bare 6 – Scoring with the Football Team

A sexy boss is taught a lesson about a woman’s place when she’s turned into an obedient maid for a football team full of studs.


She wasn’t the boss anymore. She was their plaything.
The beautiful but deadly serious Tiffany Belmont is the owner of a once-successful football franchise in The Tornados. They were a championship team, but under her leadership, they’ve encountered nothing but losses. Desperate for victory, Tiffany turns to her old rival, Stanford Castle, for money. Castle’s solution is the same he has for every problem—send in the maids. Castle’s maids love to obey every filthy, erotic desire of their owners, which includes giving men as many heirs as they want! Through the product of their overflowing cups, these big-breasted beauties make other women into hot, sexually-eager servants just like them. But their sexual presence also turns men into hulking, viciously muscled studs—the kind that are perfect for winning football games. Greedy for wins, Tiffany disguises the maids as cheerleaders and infiltrates them into her organization. Tiffany’s team soon grabs victory after victory. But as her team does better, Tiffany finds herself becoming more and more like one of the giggly, sex-happy maids herself, complete with long sexy hair, big breasts, and a new, airheaded attitude! If she’s not careful, her lust for victory will make her the ultimate prize…served up as a treat to the entire gang of football player studs on her payroll!

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