Mesmerizing His Best Friend

They find a magic watch that lets him mind control her into being his perfect love slave.


“Yes…of course. Do everything you say. Of course, Sir.”

Jessica is gorgeous and young, with her whole life ahead of her. Lane is painfully normal; being best friends with a beauty like Jessica is the biggest accomplishment he’s ever had. Despite Lane’s overtures of affection, the delectable Jessica has cornered Lane firmly in the friend zone. He’s just not right for her—she loves him as a friend, but doesn’t want to be “in” love with him.

Then Lane finds an old magic pocket watch which mesmerizes Jessica completely—all of a sudden, she wants to be his perfect girlfriend, eager to love Lane as an equal and treat him well. But soon, Lane finds that he doesn’t want just a perfect girlfriend…he wants a perfect servant. Someone who will have hot, erotic sex of every kind whenever Lane wants, no matter if he’s protected or not—and why would he use protection, when this power makes him feel so virile and Jessica is clearly so fertile? Unless he can get his arousal in check, he’s going to transform Jessica from a classic goody two-shoes girl into the sexy plaything he’s always wanted.

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