Mesmerizing His Bride

He intercepts the hot bride on her wedding day, and transforms her and her maid of honor into his competing harem slaves.


“I don’t care if it’s my wedding day. I want you instead, Sir.”

Paige feels trapped. Heartstoppingly beautiful, she is trapped in a marriage that she doesn’t want. What she does want is an Alpha Male Owner dominating her every thought and action, but her husband-to-be just isn’t him. The amazingly beautiful and thoroughly vain Daniela finds out about Paige’s cold feet and decides to destroy her best friend’s wedding and take the groom for herself, even though she’s the maid of honor. By using a mysterious magical watch, Daniela plans to mesmerize the bride into giving up on marriage altogether.

Daniela seduces preeminent “nice guy” Joey into helping her. But, Joey is ready to finally “finish first” for a change, and he soon takes matters with the magic watch into his own hands.

If all goes to plan, then before long, Paige’s need for an Owner will be met, Daniela’s haughty nature will be corrected, and lifelong underdog Joey will have two gorgeous lovedolls aching to obey his every word. Hot group sex, blazing hot domestic fantasies, begging Joey for more and more of his manhood, and even worshiping him while he fills their fertile bodies up with his unprotected seed—Joey wants it all!

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