My Wife, The Succubus – Angelic Harem

She’s his succubus wife, and she wants him to have an angel on her knees before him…


“Don’t stop, Sir. Once she feels your seed, she’ll be yours forever…”
I might be the only guy alive who has had a for-real from-hell succubus replace his wife. Even if I’m not, I’m the only one where it’s been an improvement. My old wife was frigid and resentful; my succubus wife Avelyn worships me as her personal god. She’s gorgeous as hell (pun very much intended), wants me to be worshiped by other beauties, and wants to gather power and wealth for me so that I live like a king forever.
Well, she is a demon. So she’s pure evil. No morals. No qualms about making hot, dark pacts or strange sacrifices that send innocents to hell just to give the two of us more power. And then there’s the whole deal about how hell exists, which means heaven exists, which means angels exist—and apparently they’re mad at me for consorting with a demon.
Except, Avelyn’s made me irresistible to any beautiful women I desire. And if they touch me, taste me, know me biblically at all…they become my erotic servants.
And the angel who is after me…well, she’s a really hot, Amazonian-bodied Valkryie who makes me hard just from thinking about her.
Oh boy.
 WARNING: This deeply erotic story features one lucky man being served by a wildly evil, toxically obsessed servant of hell with no qualms about controlling the wills of other women or even an angel(!) to give him what he deserves!

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