My Wife, The Succubus – Reversal of Fortune

She’s everything he’s ever wanted…and she’s a demon from hell.


“I just want to serve you forever, Sir. And ever…and ever…and ever…”
My new wife, Avelyn, worships the ground I walk on. She begs to bang constantly, wants to be stuffed full of my seed with NO protection, and aches to see other gorgeous women serve me just like she does. She’s even determined to seduce the pesky, unbelievably gorgeous auditor who is snooping around to take away all my hard-earned money and instead turn her into my erotic servant. Avelyn is easily the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever seen, and she is Grade A Obsessed with sexually adoring me in every way that a man could dream about.
The problem?
Well…she’s not actually my wife; she’s just a succubus who looks like my wife. I have no idea where my real wife is…and I’ve got to fix this quick, or else with an actual from-hell succubus cooing and crawling for me and bringing me fresh virgins to bend to my every desire, I’m not sure if I’m going to care for long.
WARNING: This deeply erotic story features one lucky man being served by a wildly evil, toxically obsessed servant of hell with no qualms about controlling the wills of other women to give him what he deserves!

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