New Bimbo Wife – Happy Harem

Her man deserves even more mind-controlled wives, so she sets out to make it happen!


“Everyone should kneel before You, Sir. You’re so important. I want them all to do what You say.”

Eliana has had her brain completely reformatted to her Husband’s will, and she knows it, and most importantly—she loves it. She’s nothing more than a pretty trophy wife with a brain stuffed full of His Will, and it makes her delightfully happy. Nothing is better in her mind than being an obedient, beautiful servant who aches to breed and rut and drop to her knees at a moment’s notice for her Man’s every last erotic desire. Well—one thing might be better: if every other beautiful babe in town was doing the same thing! So of course, Eliana sets out to make exactly that happen, and there’s not a moment to lose. If she doesn’t manage to corrupt and control every other woman in town for her Man’s pleasure, then he’ll lose his status as a Controller in the town of Bimboville, and might even lose ownership of Eliana herself!

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