New Bimbo Wife – Happy Servant

A sexy babe tries to take her away from the husband who enslaved her, and she won’t have that.


“You should serve Him with me. We’ll kneel together. Touch together. Do everything together…for Him.”

Having been fully indoctrinated to her Husband’s will, trained and broken completely, Eliana is delighted to be his perfect, fertile, erotic Bimbo Wife forever. She’s so ecstatic about serving that He even wants her to help him train new Bimbo Wives for him. But, the unthinkable happens—one of the untrained girls escapes, and steals Eliana away as well. With her Husband’s reputation on the line, Eliana must play it cool and somehow convince the escaped “trainee” that what she really needs is her vulnerable mind full of Samuel’s will and her gorgeous first-time body stuffed full of Samuel’s virile member. And if Eliana can’t convince her, she’ll just have to use all the fun tricks her Husband showed her on breaking the will of headstrong beautiful women…

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