Owned – His Rival

Maria is a seductive sexual siren, and is desperate for her Master to be the alpha she knows he can be. But he’s got one last test of his morality before he can fall down in the darkness with her…


“I just need everyone, everywhere, to kneel before your glory, Sir. Please?”

The magnificently sexy Maria is close to achieving her perfect life—being the supreme queen to her god-like king. Her greatest erotic fantasy is about to become a sex-filled reality. Robert, an otherwise normal guy, has the power to change minds and bodies with just a touch. Maria, captivated by his power, worships the ground he walks on, and won’t be satisfied until he’s surrounded by a harem of eager supplicant, succulent, servile beauties aching to please Robert in every possible way. His servants must be beautiful, eager, obedient, and fertile…and Maria will make sure they’re kept in their proper place beneath her.

Robert’s so close to finally becoming the virile, heir-making God who Maria aches to worship—the God who will make her his personal, fertile love Goddess. But first, they have to take care of a few loose ends…particularly in the form of a nosy, nasty, gorgeous business rival named Estelle and the beautiful deputy she paid off to help her. Both are just begging to be transformed by Robert’s touch, with Maria encouraging him to remold their minds and fertile bodies every step of the way.

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