Owned – The Series

Sexy office mind control saga! A man can’t stop his uncontrollable power of corruption, and the hottest woman he’s ever met LOVES it!


“Every hot girl should belong to you, Sir.”

The amazingly gorgeous Maria has just discovered the wondrous secret of the new hunky intern, Robert. With nothing more than a touch, he can alter the minds and bodies of others however he wants. He’s a living blueprint for the most powerful, dominating alpha who has ever lived…and Maria loves it. Nothing gets Maria hotter than power. Up till now, she’s used men as toys, effortlessly taking advantage of her immense beauty and charm. Not one man has ever had carnal knowledge of her virgin body. But Robert’s power makes her panties melt. Her sensuous body burns with desire to watch him take over and dominate every woman he wants. In her dream world, he has a whole harem of eager, beautiful servants, each altered by him to be as lovely and obedient as possible with their bodies heating to pleasure him all day long. But Robert has one thing getting in her way: a conscience. He knows its immoral to just own others. And so the succubus Maria must stroke, suck, and seduce her new lover until he knows just how dominant he ought to be—over her, and over every girl in their office.

This sexy bundle contains ALL THREE stories in the “Bare Body Lust” series, with the entire saga of Robert’s rise to power with the captivating Maria eagerly cheering him on.

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