Perfect Bimbo Wife

All the new clothes she’s wearing are turning her into a bimbo tart…and…like, why is that a problem, again?


Natalie is a serious woman with serious plans. She’ll be a respected doctor at the city hospital by the end of the year. But then Jake proposes to her, with a VERY special ring… Suddenly, Natalie starts to change. Her breasts get bigger. Her hair longer. She can’t stop giggling and orgasming, often at the same time. Her thoughts become spacey and simple, not that she minds. Sex has never been better, and all she really wants to do is let her lover fill her beautiful, fertile body up with unprotected load until she’s pregnant. If she doesn’t figure out what’s happening soon, she’ll be nothing but a hot bimbo trophy wife for her man. But god, it’s so, so hard not to want that when she knows she’s just a girl…

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