Sold! – Owned by a Gang

She’s been trained to be the perfect slave, even for a gang of studs!


“I was surrounded on all sides…every stud would have a turn with me.”
In the world of Aurona, the beautiful, innocent Kara is delivered to an ancient, erotic guild of service to eliminate the debts of a man she’s known her whole life. This inexperienced, eagerly submissive beauty is soon indoctrinated into performing every hot, dirty sexual act that her new Trainer can think of, with other owned beauties encouraging her service—and she is trained to do it all with a smile on her face. Soon, the lovely Kara begins to develop feelings for the mysterious alpha stud who trains her, but the rules of the guild state that a Trainer can never own a beauty who he has trained. But, there is one act so dirty and erotic that it changes the rules—and that’s if Kara submits to the sexual desires of a whole gang of studly Owners at once, with their virile, potent members emptying into her unprotected, heir-producing body!

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