Sold! Trained by the Taboo Princes

Only her hot, sexy body can create peace between in the kingdom…by having both princes bang her at once!


I wanted both hunks to rule me…
In Imperial Hundret, there are two competing heirs for the throne. Both were raised by the same man, and are beautiful, well-hung studs who are full of authoritative power and eager to discredit the other. Different as they are politically, both are incredibly kinky: Prince Cullen loves ropes, and Prince Frederik loves spanking. Only one person is able to bring them together—the gorgeous young pleasure servant, Francesca. Instructed by the Guild of Service to obey every last erotic desire of BOTH depraved, twisted royal hunks, she’s tasked with getting these cocksure princes to work together before a crucial ceremony that will decide the fate of the entire Empire! Trained to endlessly love the dirtiest of acts, Francesca can only imagine ONE incredibly sexual performance that will bring the Princes together—for them to BOTH enjoy her incredible, curvy body at the same time!

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