The Bimbo Fix Bundle

A lucky stud wakes up to find an entire town full of beauties, led by his gorgeous wife, worship the ground he walks on!


“Your harem fantasy is a reality now, Sir…”
Stephen wakes up while being erotically serviced by his wife and the gorgeous, young, first-time woman who has known him all his life; it’s safe to say he’s going to have a strange day. The last thing he remembers was a wild, drunken bender due to his impending divorce, allegations of misconduct, and general financial collapse. But today, his wife is his transformed, erotic servant, eager to serve him in every sensual way. The young beauty they live with is eager for him to thrust her innocence away. His stunning secretary has dropped all misconduct charges and desperately wants to make amends by servicing him on her knees, and his best friend—formerly a butch lesbian—has transformed into a living, magazine-cover sexpot obsessed with providing him heirs with her willing, fertile body. It all begs the question—what the hell is happening? And, when it feels this good, should he really try to stop it? The more Stephen finds out, the more women seem desperate to serve him erotically and give him their fertile bodies to fill with his heirs!
WARNING: This erotic series features thrilling scenes of lust-filled sexual escapades between one incredulous man and a bevy of transformed, gorgeous hotties who are eager to obey his every command.

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