The Bimbo Fix – His Home Life

He comes back home to confront his goddess wife about the entire town worshiping him, and she aches to seduce him into his power.


“Isn’t a harem what you deserve, Sir? Don’t you deserve so much more?”
Stephen has been running from his problems, if “problems” is something you can call a town full of transformed, bimbofied women who are obsessed with serving him erotically. Every last babe has become a walking hot, fertile, nympho dream, and each one lives to kneel before Stephen and worship his manhood. But he’s determined that something wrong is happening, and finally resolves to fix it. He thinks he knows the source, but he has to travel back to where he ran away from in the first place—his home, where his once-estranged-but-now-erotically transformed wife, a living goddess of fertility, lust, and beauty, has been urging the town to greater and greater depravities in Stephen’s name. Worse, that’s where Gale is—the young woman he raised, who hasn’t even had her first time yet. She’s just as obsessed as his wife and twice as desperate. Can he navigate between their lustful advances and put an end to the madness, or will he give in and take his throne atop his new kingdom of sex?
WARNING: This erotic story features thrilling scenes of lust-filled sexual escapades between one incredulous man and a bevy of transformed, gorgeous hotties who are eager to obey his every command.

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