Watch Me – Instant Harem

He can’t stop himself from making a harem–the magic watch won’t let him! More and more girls fall under his spell whether he likes it or not…


“I’m going to be your servant? That doesn’t sound so bad…”

Lonely, unattractive Erin doesn’t know what to expect when her old friend Dennis invites her to the park, but she sure didn’t think it would be Dennis telling her a crazy story about how he found a magic artifact. He insists that he’s got a special stopwatch that won’t stop running, and at the end of every lap, either he becomes more of an alpha hunk or he makes nearby girls into his sexual servants. This is nonsense, of course—although Erin doesn’t remember Dennis being such a built, well-hung stud or being so filled with crazy hot lust for him…

Dennis wants her to watch him and make sure he doesn’t go crazy with power. But Erin is feeling so turned on all of a sudden, and there’s a group of hot girls in the park that Erin suddenly understands should be full of Dennis’s hot alpha male seed. If she could just convince him to put those sexy, fertile babes on their knees in front of him where they belong, maybe he’d let her join his new harem too?

WARNING: This hot erotica features sexy women giving in to their hottest desires, alpha males taking no prisoners, deliciously rowdy sex between one man and multiple gorgeous females, and everything else you might imagine from a Nadia Nightside tale!

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