Watch Me – Man of the House

He doesn’t want to make his hot mom and sister his slaves, but he can’t help it!


“I know you think it’s wrong. But I want it so bad. Please, Sir?”

The deliciously hot Brooke doesn’t know what to expect when Dennis sits her down to try to explain the magic explosion in their house that somehow flooded her body with transformative lust and deliciously forbidden passions. But really, does it matter? She knows now that she’s just a good girl, a sexy babe, and eye candy trophies like her were made to be pretty and obedient. Sure, it seems like Dennis doesn’t want her to become his eternally faithful, erotic servant obsessed with serving his massive member and gathering new girls for him—but that’s just because he’s confused. Once she proves how fertile her first-time body is for him, then she can convince him to use his new powers to control her sexy, busty girlfriend and the woman of the house.

WARNING: This hot erotica features sexy women giving in to their hottest and most forbidden desires, alpha males taking no prisoners, deliciously rowdy sex between one man and multiple gorgeous females, and everything else you might imagine from a Nadia Nightside tale!

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