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New story out today! “Owning My Ex”

Hello hello all! Out today just for YOU is my newest hypnotic tale, “Owning My Ex.

This is the end of the “Bareback Trance” series for now, with the other two titles of course being “Owning My Co-Worker” and “Owning My Boss.” This one features an a little bit of a kink I am VERY fond of—namely, one particular slave becoming the “Queen Bee” so to speak, for her Master. The one girl who is good enough to order the other babes around while her Master enjoys whomever he wants the most at that particular moment…but he always, always goes back to his Favorite.

I had a ton of fun writing this series. I hope you guys like it–and let me know if you do! You can email me, get at me through tumblr’s messaging service, tweet to me, whatever. But the best way to let me know what to write is just to tell me straight that you want more!

This hot story features harem gathering, hypno fetish sex, hot hypnotic inductions, group sex, bareback/breeding encounters, bimbofication, hardcore/rough sex, barely legal babes, innocent virgins being completely fucked, and much MUCH more!

So! If you’re in the mood for a regular joe getting what’s coming to him from a gorgeous ex-girlfriend, check out “Owning My Ex” today!


Here’s the official blurb:

Take her, Sir. Take her for me?

Victor was just a regular guy with a nowhere sex-life. Then, he found out that his masculine seed puts any gorgeous, fertile woman he wants into an obedient hypnotic trance. It would have been smart to be discreet about reshaping their strong wills and beautiful bodies to his service, but Victor was overwhelmed with the sudden power. Now, it’s all starting to unravel.

Desperate for absolution, he comes clean to the first beautiful babe he controlled—Mallory. But Mallory’s mind is so warped and dirty at this point that she loves Victor’s new power. In fact, she wants to cheer him on while he takes even more sexy beauties under his spell, even including his delectably gorgeous, snobby ex-girlfriend, Audrey.

Controlling all these women, making them love everything about him, reforming their wills until they worship him and are eager to perform every single depraved and erotic act he can think of—Victor knows it’s wrong. He knows he should stop, even though all his new servants beg for more. But the only woman he can turn to now for help is the same ex-girlfriend who broke his heart. And wrong though it may be, that model-perfect, innocent, fertile beauty is one Victor has been dying to bang for as long as he can remember.



Mallory shifted, her eyes flashing at me. I knew that look. Go further. She would have the same flash when she wanted me to do something rough in bed with her or Lori. To wrap my hands around her throat, to slap her ass while she called me her Big Bro.

“You’re happy to be close to me,” I said.

Minjee’s voice was warm, eager. “I’m happy to be close to you.”

“You’re excited about me.”

“I’m excited about you.”

Letting out a small sound of frustration, Mallory pulled away from her and slid between my body and hers. She kissed at my chin. Trying to turn me on.

“You’re not doing it right, Master” said Mallory. “I know you’re not. You’re holding back. Make her want you, Sir. I want to see it. I want to see what you’ve done.”

Her hand went to my crotch, stroking intently. Giving me a soft, urgent handjob over my pants.

Fuck. I couldn’t…I couldn’t turn her down. I wanted it myself, and now here was Mallory, the only thing even remotely providing any resistance, and she was urging me on to go even further. Mallory moved to one side, her hand still dedicated on my cock.

“You find me incredibly attractive.”

“I find you incredibly attractive.” Minjee, still so obedient.


Mallory unbuckled my pants and wrapped her hand around my cock proper. Her strokes were soft, insistent, and perfectly made for my hardness. Her lips brushed against my ear.

“Take her in deep, Sir,” she whispered, snuggling in close. “Deep. I want to see it. I want to see what you do.”

With her other hand, Mallory started to finger her own cunt through the tiny red lace of her panties.

Jesus God in heaven.

With shivering fingers, I brushed Minjee’s beautiful, sculpted face again. Those cheekbones. “You want to be my girlfriend…”

Owning My Ex - An Unprotected Trance Story