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“Revenge on his Hot Assistants” –hot new mind control erotica out NOW!

Hello hello hi and HELLO!

Just for you today I’ve got a BRAND NEW release—”Revenge on his Hot Assistants.” This tells the tale of the somewhat ignoble Warren, a stage magician and hypnotist who is incredible down on his luck. His hot wife is leaving him, his gorgeous assistants have left his show, and his beautiful stepsister has humiliated him utterly. It looks pretty bad for Warren!

But, he’s a down-on-his-luck handsome fellow with a life full of beautiful women in a story of mine…so I wouldn’t count him out just yet. He finds a magic watch that lets him completely hypnotize any woman he wants, and, well, I’m sure the title can fill in most of the rest of the blanks for you.

This hot new mind control erotica features several hypnotic inductions for all you hypno fetish lovers out there, breeding/bareback/impregnation, creampies, group sex, rough sex, and much MUCH more!


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So, if you’re in the mood for a sweet revenge tale featuring mindbending hypnotic action, check out “Revenge on his Hot Assistants” today!


Here’s the official blurb:

She couldn’t resist his will any longer.

Warren is a struggling stage magician drowning in debt. On Monday morning, his brilliantly gorgeous assistants quit on him only days before the biggest show of his life. In the afternoon, he was kicked out of his house by his beautiful wife, who had always refused to make an heir for him. And in the evening, he was scorned and humiliated by the last member of his household, a seductive lesbian beauty who he’s known his entire life.

He’s had a rotten string of luck, but it’s about to get better. Warren finds a magic watch that lets him completely entrance and control anyone he wants—including every rapturously hot babe who has ever done him wrong. Ablaze with lust, he’s going to teach these delectably fertile ladies about who should really be in charge—and what the price is for defying his will! His virile manhood won’t be denied any longer. With every swing of the trancing watch, his morality erodes a little more, but with how much pain these ladies handed out to Warren and how completely their fertile, luscious bodies turn him on, he’s not sure how much he cares.



Smiling, Warren tucked the watch away. Her face followed it, pouting just slightly as it disappeared into his jacket. Then, he snapped his fingers.

The barista’s eyes lit up slowly. Embers of lust heating and then blazing hard.

“Hi.” She said, pushing the table over. It spread out into the dining area, knocking over a few other chairs. “Hi. Hi. I’m…hi.”

She was between his legs now. Her hands sliding up and over his thighs. She took in a deep, sucking breath, eyes wild.

“I need to…I need…I n-need…”

She was having trouble speaking without drooling. She licked constantly, but the saliva slipped down past her plush lips and over her tits, soaking into her blouse.

“Hey now,” he said, quite amused. “What’s all this?”

He continued to paw at his zipper, trying to get it open. “Please, pleeaseee…”

Her mouth came forward, surging onto his crotch, biting gently to pull away the fabric.

She was too turned on to think, he realized. Not even able to operate a zipper.

Her voice became very small. “Please.”

Warren smiled and unzipped and unbuckled his pants. “Go right ahead, my dear.”

“Thank you!”

She lunged into his crotch, tearing down his pants roughly. Her young mouth slurped over his knob, taking it all the way into her mouth. Very quickly, he was hard and just along for the ride. She pushed all of herself into the sucking, practically fucking her own mouth with his cock…

Tranced: His Hot Assistants