Tranced – His Hot Assistants

He’s got to get his life back, and he’s willing to hypnotize gorgeous women into his slaves to do it.


She couldn’t resist his will any longer.
Warren is a struggling stage magician drowning in debt. On Monday morning, his brilliantly gorgeous assistants quit on him only days before the biggest show of his life. In the afternoon, he was kicked out of his house by his beautiful wife, who had always refused to make an heir for him. And in the evening, he was scorned and humiliated by the last member of his household, a seductive lesbian beauty who he’s known his entire life. He’s had a rotten string of luck, but it’s about to get better. Warren finds a magic watch that lets him completely entrance and control anyone he wants—including every rapturously hot babe who has ever done him wrong. Ablaze with lust, he’s going to teach these delectably fertile ladies about who should really be in charge—and what the price is for defying his will! His virile manhood won’t be denied any longer. With every swing of the trancing watch, his morality erodes a little more, but with how much pain these ladies handed out to Warren and how completely their fertile, luscious bodies turn him on, he’s not sure how much he cares.

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