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There’s STILL no cure for “Lust Fever”…

Out today for all of you is my newest tale–“Lust Fever 2!

It is, naturally, the sequel to “Lust Fever” which came out last month. People really seemed to like it–with more than 35 reviews on Amazon, it’s got an average of over 4.5/5 stars!

I think this tale is a WHOLE lot of fun and I hope you’ll pick it up. If you’re a fan of mind control, breeding, uncontrollable sex, women obediently serving men, harem gathering, lots and LOTS and lots of cum, women becoming cock-slobbering bimbos, men becoming hulking alpha behemoths, impregnation, or society breaking down because of sexy virus destroying all the logic circuits in people’s brains, then you’ll love this one!

So! If you’re in the mood for a scorching hot tale of fevered sex and unrestrained passion, check out “Lust Fever 2” today!

Here’s the official blurb:

There’s no resisting it. Feed the Fever…

It started with a chance encounter at a gas station that left Matthew Coffey’s hard, throbbing member totally drained—and his body completely infected with unstoppable lust. Unknowing of the severity of his condition, Matthew goes about his daily business. He visits cafes, housewives, small businesses, spreading the feverish need for hot, passionate, heir-making loving everywhere he goes. 

All the while, the fever is growing. His massive rod is getting harder and harder—and bigger and bigger. Soon, it’s emitting a nonstop flood of masculine emissions that are irresistible to any woman. Beautiful, fertile babes crawl to him and beg to be the next luscious piece he gifts with his virile seed. 
The virus inside him wants to multiply—and produce as many heirs in as many women as possible. 
It’s Lust Fever…and there’s still no cure.



A small blush suddenly attended her cheeks. Her gaze dropped down

“You have…” her eyes looked like they had been glazed over with sugar. “You have quite the situation there, sir.”

That was good. That was nice. Calling him “sir” like that. He liked that. That was correct.

“Yes,” Matthew nodded after a moment, remembering how society worked. “Sorry.”
He didn’t mean the apology, of course. Women should notice a cock like his. It was hard. Ready to fuck. What else did they need to know?

No—no! Fuck.

What was happening?

“I’m sorry—Josephine, was it?” He shook his head. “Normally, I’d love to talk to. But I’m feeling strange at the moment. Perhaps if you came back later, we could chat. But as things stand now…”

“No, but,” her hands spread out wildly, keep the door open. “I-I just…look at it. Let me look at it. I…can you take it out?”

She was licking her lips wildly. Her fingers crawled over his on the door, and the blush on her cheeks increased.

“Josephine. Come now.” He cleared his throat. “You’re clearly married, and I don’t know if this is appropriate behavior. I think that…that…”

She dropped to her knees in the open space in the doorway. There was a clear line of view from the porch to the road outside. Cars were passing by. One or two slowed down.

“You’ll have to let me suck it now,” she said…

Lust Fever 2