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“Heir Salon 2” – Out now

Hello hello! Out today for all you fine readers out there is my latest erotica tale, “Heir Salon 2!” This is, as you probably already deduced, the hot sequel to the exceptionally well-received “Heir Salon” that I released about a month ago.

This hot tale continues the saga of Betty as she desperately tries to figure out what’s happening in the town of Passion Heights. Of course, it’s awfully hard to figure that out when she’s regularly imbibing “drugged” truffles that make thinking about anything but slobbering over hard alpha cocks the hardest thing in the world. Will she able to solve the mystery? Mmmm…I don’t know! Probably I should stop eating those truffles too!

Any lovers of sexy tales with plenty of bimbo transformation, rough sex, alpha males, babymaking action (with NO protection), sex slaves, mind control, lactation, and LOTS of other kinks will adore this hot number!

If you’re looking for a hot babymaking bimbo tale to spice up your life, check out “Heir Salon 2” today!


Here’s the official blurb:

“I just want to be a good girl for my Man…”

There’s only one thing certain in the strange, erotic town of Passion Heights: something wickedly hot is happening at the Happy Hair Salon. Strong, independent women go in, and giggly, fertile sexpots obsessed with serving their Husbands and creating heirs come out. The beautiful Betty finds this out firsthand when her voluptuous friend Jasmine investigates the Salon and comes out six sizes slimmer (except in her bust, of course, which is bigger than ever, and overflowing with creamy goodness) and utterly obsessed with her Husband’s huge, virile member.
Betty must help her friend, and the rest of the women of this town, somehow. But whatever is happening to those women affects her too—she can hardly be in her own Man’s presence without turning into a puddly mess of lust, and her knees knock with primal need just from imagining how he fills her up with his potent loads. With her own appointment at the Happy Hair Salon mandated by her husband, Betty has to figure out the secret of Passion Heights soon—or else she will become a giggly, nymphomaniac bimbo with overflowing cups just like all her friends.



The last few hours before dawn she spent making Lane’s breakfast and lunch. He had stopped eating anything she didn’t make. He worked so terribly hard, Betty knew. It was her responsibility to make food for him. It wasn’t like she had a real job.

Thoughts of her novel writing had faded far, far into the background. First, she had to figure out what was going on with this town. Somewhere in the glazed back burner of her mind, she thought maybe there was material here for a novel.

Jasmine smiled broadly at the sight of Betty. “Oh, hello dear!”

It took Betty several moments to say anything in response. Jasmine looked…different.

No, Jasmine was different. Gone was the slightly-overweight, studious looking young woman who appeared as though she could easily go toe-to-toe on every historical subject from Aristotle to Shaka Zulu.

The person in front of Betty now was a voluptuous knockout. Her long, dark hair fell in waves down her back. She wore a tight purple dress and monumentally tall boots that wrapped lovingly around her calves. Her cleavage, hot and inviting, was displayed with exuberance in the long v-neck of her dress.

“Step inside, dear. And close your mouth. You’ll let flies in.”

Betty followed her in. They strolled into the kitchen.

The radio blared its static. Some of Betty’s anxiety automatically went away. A woman belonged in the kitchen. Two women were even better, so long as they wanted the same things.

“Now,” said Jasmine, her voice pleasant and cool. “Whatever did you want? You were making quite a fuss at the door, dear.”

“I wanted…”

The radio blared. Betty wanted her. She wanted to slide her face against Jasmine’s sweet, perfect dark tits, rubbing her pink tongue over those nipples and—


Jasmine’s smile grew. “No what, darling?”

“No.” Betty shook her head. “Just no. I’m sorry. This is all wrong.”

“What’s wrong?”

You! You’re wrong. Your hair. Let’s start there.”

“Oh, lovely.” Jasmine swept the thick locks all to one side, holding them up for examination. “Should I die it, do you think? Mister Powell wasn’t convinced, and he is a Man, but also, I wondered if my womanly expertise might be able to be used to surprise him. Perhaps if we both thought about it—”

“No. That’s not what I meant. I mean it’s different. Changed. You went to the salon. Did you get…extensions?”

The question was absurd, given the clear change to the rest of Jasmine’s body. But it was all that Betty could come up with. Heat crawled up from her needy cunt, spreading outward all over her body. Every moment she had to hold in a moan, knowing that she had kissed Jasmine before.

Knowing she could kiss Jasmine again…

Bimbo Salon 2