Bimbo Beach – Bikini Panic

She’s got to find a hot bikini or else she’ll never be worthy enough to suck off Master like he deserves…


“Now I’m a bikini hottie, just like her…”

Debbie, overweight, under-confident, and eternally bullied by the devilishly beautiful Selina, is dragged along to beach vacation Selina arranged specifically to humiliate Debbie. There’s no escaping Selina’s wrath—everything Debbie does, Selina finds fault with, and she’s so gorgeous and charismatic that everyone seems to agree that hurting Debbie’s feelings is the right thing to do—even Debbie! But that all changes when Debbie meets Julia at the gift shop to try on swim suits. Suddenly, Debbie’s body starts to transform—she becomes a fertile, sexualized, sensual goddess of lust and beauty, eager to show off and be shown off. She knows that her true purpose is to serve her new Owner—and hopes she can get a little revenge on Selina in the process. But what happens if Selina is being transformed just like Debbie?
WARNING: This story features some serious bullying, fantastically erotic harem sex, a bad man taking total ownership of several beautiful women, and a thoroughly evil, gorgeous woman getting a happy ending!

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