Bimbo Beach – Changing Loyalties

The owner of the beach hotel takes every hot female guest as his own property.


“On my knees for you? Yes, of course…”

Julia and Hank, newlyweds, arrive at the Spiral Sun resort excited for their beautiful island honeymoon getaway. When they arrive, however, everything seems a little off. The streets are filled with sad, homeless men while the beaches are filled to the brim with beautiful, buxom, smiling “single” ladies, supernaturally perfect and brainlessly sexy. Soon, both the newlyweds fall under the spell of the alpha male owner of the resort, Connor. Soon, Julia finds herself becoming even more mouth-watering—her already hot body becoming an absolute supernova of erotic lust and aching, fertile obedience to Connor’s will—while Hank becomes more and more sickly, weak, and beta. Will Julia be able to resist Connor’s macho charm and oozing sexuality, or will he steal her first time away from Hank and humiliate the husband for not being man enough to protect his young bride?

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