Bimbo Beach – Under New Ownership

He gets the power to have his own mind-controlled harem, and starts with the hotties who have been ignoring him for years.


“I’m so much hotter than her. Make me serve you instead?”

William is constantly insulted by the gorgeous insta star he produces for and suffers from an unrequited crush on her, her girlfriend, and the first-time beauty he grew up with. He thinks he’s doomed to blue balls forever, but when he arrives at the bimbo-filled resort island of Isla Alfa, everything changes when he stumbles upon an uber-powerful program that lets him erotically transform the bodies and minds of everyone on the island! That first-time beauty? She becomes into his eager, worshiping servant with a lusciously hot body.
Soon, he’s orchestrating the newest members of his would-be harem for an interview session to see who will earn top billing as his exclusive girlfriend. Will he pick the social media star who has derided him for so long, or her fierce and exotic girlfriend who witnesses his new conquering power with a bloodthirsty relish? Either way, he’s going to be worshiped by the hottest babes around with their fertile bodies desperate to be filled with heirs from his virile seed!

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