Bully Worship – Obeying the Billionaire

He’s the most evil billionaire ever, and she aches to give him more willing beauties to own.


“Please, Sir? Please, let me humiliate them for You?”

When her billionaire owners decide to rip apart the home life of a business rival, the gorgeous, fertile Francesca makes it her mission to save young, beautiful Sophie from the harsh attentions of her sadistic owners. With endless wealth and supernatural powers of persuasion and sexual corruption, the husband-and-wife bully pair are like gods among mortals.
Usually, it’s Francesca’s job (besides gleefully attending to their erotic desires) to indoctrinate fertile, sexy girls to her owners’ will no matter what—making them mindless and helpless servants to kneel and worship with her. If Sophie would just give in willingly, though, and dedicate her mind and soul to their cruel desires, then maybe Francesca could have a best friend with whom to enjoy servitude forever. But her owners, as ever, have different plans…
WARNING: The bullies win! This erotically-charged fantasy is full of dark ideas and nasty obsessions, eroticizing sadistic desires and giving a happy ending to the “wrong” people.

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