Bully Worship – Obeying the King

He’s the most evil king imaginable, and it makes her wet enough to need to gather more princesses for him to own.


“Change sides? But you’re a loser…and he’s my Alpha Male King.”

Gorgeous Queen Leana is propositioned by the noble knight Sir Stefan to turn against her evil, monstrous king and oust him from office. King Ulrick is terrible and cruel, bloodthirsty, and the conqueror of dozens of lands. He keeps an expansive harem in his court, and doesn’t care if women say “no.” Unfortunately for Stefan…that all turns the fertile, wicked Queen Leana on to no end. She loves being the mean girl sadistically torturing the emotions and minds of the people around her and all throughout the kingdom, and delights in the King’s abject cruelty so much that she eagerly urges him on to greater and greater depths of depravity. Soon, she’s using all her wiles and wit to turn Stefan’s plan against itself and to humiliate him in front of King Ulrick and two gorgeous women Stefan has known his whole life!

WARNING: The bullies win! This erotically-charged fantasy is full of dark ideas and nasty obsessions, eroticizing sadistic desires and giving a happy ending to the “wrong” people.

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