Bully Worship – Obeying the Jock

He’s the worst bully alive, and she worships him for it and eagerly gathers him a harem of mind-controlled slaves.


“You didn’t really think I’d ever like you, did you?”

The gloriously sexy, Mean-Girl-Supreme Heather runs her cheerleading team and the university with an iron fist. She’s the wicked queen to her bully jock boyfriend’s evil king. Every part of her indomitable beauty is totally dominated by him and him alone. The only problem? He doesn’t believe she’s “wife material”…or at least, not yet.
When she stumbles across the ultra-nerd, Alfred, completely controlling a girl’s thoughts and body with a special device, she puts a plan into action. By stealing the beta loser nerd’s device, this perfect-ten babe can corrupt and transform her entire cheerleading team to become her bully boyfriend’s perfect, devoted, fertile harem! All of their flaws will be erased—bigger racks, happier smiles, and zero contrary thoughts. This way, she can prove her loyalty and her worth as his potential wife. Of course, this means Alfred is S-O-L…but nerds like him were made to be bullied by people like her anyway.

WARNING: The bullies win! This erotically-charged fantasy is full of dark ideas and nasty obsessions, eroticizing sadistic desires and giving a happy ending to the “wrong” people.

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